Mutual funds sahi hai but with the right advisor

All of us would have at least heard the term “Mutual Funds” but for most of us it would have sounded like “Deadly Dinosaur”. It is because most of us fail to actually get to know and understand what Mutual Fund is.

So what is a Mutual Fund? It is a form of investment where a large number of investors pool their money with a common objective. This money is then invested in Bonds, Equities and other Securities by a team of financial experts and professionals. The income that is generated is distributed proportionally amongst all the investors.

So how does Mutual Fund work? Mutual funds are run by experts who take care of their investors like a mother takes care of her child. They work round the clock and invest our money in a diversified portfolio like the balanced diet our moms give us. We need not have any prior knowledge of markets to start investing in Mutual Funds. Like all we need to know in our home is where our mom is as she will take care of all our needs. Same way with the right asset management company or in other words with the right advisor you can just relax. Mutual Funds are very easy to buy and sell and thus it’s a pleasant experience.

How to start investing in Mutual Funds? You can start investing in Mutual Funds with as low as Rs. 500. The secret behind mutual fund investments is to invest regularly over a long period of time. To get the best result with minimum strain on your pocket opt for SIP or systematic investment plan where you can invest a fixed amount every month. Also, the more number of years you stay invested in Mutual Funds the more are the chances of reaping good returns as Mutual Funds depend on market fluctuations.

There are special agents who have comprehensive knowledge about the funds; the age of the funds, how it has performed over the years and what would be the expected returns from it. These agents will your best friend with whom you can discuss your finances and they will be able to suggest the right type of fund based on your needs and potential to invest. So, get in touch with your mutual fund agent today!

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