Still having a dilemma about investing in Mutual Funds? Try this!

All of us have heard about mutual funds and how easy and simple it is to start your own investments. One can start investing in mutual funds with as low as Rs. 500. Still, there are so many people who are still hesitant about investing in mutual funds because of the fear of losing their money.

Whether you are in your 20s or in your 60s, investing in mutual funds always has its own perks. With the right financial advisor, you can surely get more returns from mutual funds than from any of the traditional bank savings, fixed deposits or recurring deposits. The dilemma to invest in mutual funds is because it is linked to the market and the market is always volatile.

What if we give you a means to make sure that your money is safe and still you have the opportunity to invest in mutual funds? That does sound interesting, doesn’t it? Let us see how this is possible.

The only fear that keeps people from start investing in mutual funds is that there is a possibility of losing their hard earned money. Now, here is a very simple but effective solution to get you started with your mutual funds investment. Instead of putting all your money into mutual funds, open a fixed deposit with your lump sum money. Everyone knows that bank fixed deposits are one of the most safest and foolproof options to save money.

So, open a fixed deposit with your money. Now instead of getting the interest from that fixed deposit or reinvesting it, use the interest amount that you gain from your fixed deposit to invest in mutual funds. Voila! This way your principal is safe in the fixed deposit and you can also get the taste of investing in mutual funds with that interest from the fixed deposit. You can either get a monthly payout of the interest and start a SIP, systematic investment plan or invest one time in a good mutual fund. It is preferable to go with the SIP and also depending upon the interest that you are getting, you can choose 2 or 3 mutual fund options. This is definitely a win-win situation and will help you to come out of the fear in start investing in mutual funds.

Get in touch with your financial advisor today and using this failsafe method start investing in mutual funds today without wasting any more time.

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