Will: Why is it important?

What is a will? A Will is a legal document that dictates what has to be done with your assets after you die. A will can be made by... Read more »

How to be stress free even during financial crisis!

Have you ever had one of those times where suddenly the water heater stops heating or your car would not start at all or a family member ends up... Read more »

Want to know the success formula for achieving your financial goals?

Thinking of starting an investment? As with any other new venture, it is always best to plan before you start investing. Planning will help you evaluate your current position,... Read more »

These are what you need to ask your financial advisor

We consult a doctor when it is something concerning our health. We consult a lawyer when it have legal issues. But when it comes to our investments, our financial... Read more »

Wise choice: Increase the sum insured with age

The health insurance that you bought when you were young will become inadequate as you age as because you are prone to more health issues and also you get... Read more »

Multiple health policies? Here’s how to make claims

Wondering whether you can claim under more than one health insurance policy? Here is what you need to know. As per Medi-claim insurance rules, you cannot make claims with... Read more »

Who said, “Money can’t buy happiness??”

Whoever said that “Money can’t buy happiness” must be someone who didn’t know where to go shopping. From the time currencies came into existence, people haven’t stopped shopping. Shopping... Read more »

Would you rather eat 2 Laddus or 1?

Why choose LIC over Mutual Funds 1) Life insurance is a good investment option. It not only provides good returns but also provides financial protection. Whereas mutual funds are... Read more »

Too many questions but one solution

When it comes to your financial future, am sure you are always left with too many questions than some answers. The only solution to all your questions regarding your... Read more »

Who is richer – Sudeep or Rahul?

A very interesting and a very sensible topic is how to become rich. So, how to become rich? Is it by earning more or by saving more? A straightforward... Read more »
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