The 3 “Golden” rules to build your dream retirement fund

We all know that it is very essential to build a good retirement corpus with the help of a good retirement plan. However, people either fail in making a... Read more »

How to take be on a “money-diet”?

What is a budget? It is an easy and smart tool that should be used to take care and control of your finances. Budgeting is also referred to as... Read more »

What should you be not doing in your 40s and 50s?

When you are in the mid-20s, you have just begun earning and life is nothing but spending and feeling the fresh of money and freedom. When in 30s, life... Read more »

Some “Financial” Jargon you need to know

In day to day life, we come across many financial jargons (or money jargons) when discussing with a colleague, through radio or TV commercials, in the newspaper or online.... Read more »

Which is difficult – Saving money or Investing money?

Earning enough money to maintain the standard of living is the biggest task in everyone’s life. However, people seem to find it difficult to save or invest money even... Read more »

When to save and when to invest? How much to save and invest?

Most often people don’t seem to comprehend the difference between saving money and investing money. Both of these have different objectives and serve different purposes in anyone’s financial strategy.It... Read more »

10 Simple Ways to Save Money

Everyone wants to save money and everyone follow their own tips and tricks to do that. Here are some tips to save money to generate. But you should always... Read more »

Did you know what TVM is?

Did you know what TVM is? Have you heard about TVM? TVM stands for Time value is money. This is one of the core concepts of finance and it... Read more »

80% Indians don’t have sufficient funds for retirement

India has got the first place in being retirement ready in a global survey even ahead of countries like US, the UK and China. However, the survey also revealed... Read more »

Mistakes that will ruin your retirement

We have seen a lot of tips on how to save for your retirement in the past few articles. It is not that people run away from saving for... Read more »
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