Top 5 Reasons for Rejection of Car Insurance Claim

A car insurance will help you to get unlimited liability because of a third party injury if you meet with an accident. You will have to bear all the... Read more »

Things to know before buying life insurance policy

Planning of buying life insurance policy? Keep these things in mind before buying your policy. Calculate the amount of insurance cover you would need by identifying your liabilities, your... Read more »

Do you need separate health insurance for your parents?

Most salaried individuals are content with the health insurance cover for their parents under employers’ group schemes.  This may not be adequate because inflation in healthcare is estimated to... Read more »

Insurance Bonus – Must know facts.

Six must know facts about bonus in insurance plans Any life insurance company is supposed to give out a part of the profit that it makes to its policyholders... Read more »

Did you know about Discounts on your Insurance Premiums??

How many of us know the details about the life insurance policy premiums? Insurance premium is the set amount of money that the person pays to the insurance company... Read more »

Will term insurance policy serve your need?

Thinking of buying a term insurance policy? Check these pros and cons to see if it fits your bill. Pros: Simple and easy to understand. Pricing is very competitive.... Read more »

Why should you opt for Long Term Vehicle Insurance?

Despite two-wheeler insurance being mandatory in India, nearly 75% of two-wheeler owners don’t have any motor insurance. People either don’t buy any motor insurance in the first place or... Read more »

How to Prevent Rejection of Car Insurance Claim in India

Why is a car insurance claim rejected when all necessary documents are submitted properly? One main reason for claims being rejected by the insurer is because of the driver... Read more »

No Claim Bonus: What is it??

No claim bonus (NCB) is the reward given by the insurer to a policyholder for not making any claim during the policy term. If any claim is made during... Read more »

Third party and comprehensive insurance: Whats the difference?

There are several things that you need to consider while choosing a car insurance scheme. One of them is deciding whether to choose a comprehensive car insurance scheme or... Read more »
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