Third party and comprehensive insurance: Whats the difference?

There are several things that you need to consider while choosing a car insurance scheme. One of them is deciding whether to choose a comprehensive car insurance scheme or... Read more »

Is employer provided health insurance sufficient??

Is there any difference in individual health insurance and employer provided health insurance? Employer provided health insurance policies are group insurance policies. Though there are benefits such as coverage... Read more »

How to plan for your child’s education?

Isn’t it the goal of every parent to provide the best education to their children? However, the cost of education is growing exponentially high every year. A student entering... Read more »

Do not buy a life insurance for these reasons

Life insurance has to be bought for the right reason, like to protect your dependents and not because you have some extra money and don’t know what to do... Read more »

Life and cricket – not much different!

Most of the cricket lovers would have known or seen the record twist that happened in the ICC World Cup at Providence on Mar 28th, 2007. It was a... Read more »

Kept your habits a secret? This constitutes to fraud!!

It is a known fact that smokers/ drinkers pay higher life insurance premiums. These will negatively impact your health and thus increase mortality risk. Insurance companies protect themselves from... Read more »

“Assignment” explained in Insurance Policy terms

Insurance contract is full of jargon. One such jargon most often used is Assignment. An assignment is a legal agreement making the lender as the primary beneficiary of a... Read more »

Wise choice: Increase the sum insured with age

The health insurance that you bought when you were young will become inadequate as you age as because you are prone to more health issues and also you get... Read more »

Multiple health policies? Here’s how to make claims

Wondering whether you can claim under more than one health insurance policy? Here is what you need to know. As per Medi-claim insurance rules, you cannot make claims with... Read more »

Would you rather eat 2 Laddus or 1?

Why choose LIC over Mutual Funds 1) Life insurance is a good investment option. It not only provides good returns but also provides financial protection. Whereas mutual funds are... Read more »
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