Busted!! Mutual fund myths

Mutual fund is a great financial tool for wealth creation. However, there are a lot of myths around this instrument. 1) You should be an expert in the field.... Read more »

Does Net Asset Value (NAV) really matter

NAV (Net Asset Value) is the composite prices of all the securities held in the fund along with the liquid cash after deducting the liabilities. It is the price... Read more »

The small dictionary for your mutual fund investments!!

What is mutual fund? A Mutual fund is an investment that pools money from numerous investors. It is a professionally-managed investment scheme, run by an asset management company. Before... Read more »

What you should know about cut-off timings in mutual funds

You might know that while buying and selling stocks and shares, cut-off timing is the most important factor. But did you know that even mutual funds have cut-off timings?... Read more »

This is why you should start a SIP right away

SIP or Systematic Investment Plan is a boon as it allows everyone to enjoy the power of investment with very little amount. Why should you start investing using SIP?... Read more »

Eat your apple and also grow an apple farm!!

All of us are working hard and earning money and then we save that money to reap some lump amount after several years. But wouldn’t it be nice if... Read more »

Mutual funds sahi hai but with the right advisor

All of us would have at least heard the term “Mutual Funds” but for most of us it would have sounded like “Deadly Dinosaur”. It is because most of... Read more »

Basics of Mutual Funds

Many investors across the country do not understand what mutual funds are. This is due to the various mutual funds that are available such as SBI Mutual Funds, Fidelity... Read more »
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