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How to build your foundation:


• Walks
• Running
• Lift weights


• Read
• Journal
• Meditate


• Reflection
• Awareness
• Communicate

Take care of the basics and you’ll be unstoppable.

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Sleep is more important than food.

You can go a week without eating & the only thing you’ll lose is weight.

Give up sleep for a couple of days & you become the worst version of yourself.

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Keys to living a long life

· Do some form of cardio
· Eat a mostly healthy diet
· Have a solid group of friends
· Keep your body fat levels healthy
· Lift weights. Get stronger in the gym.
· Stop stressing about shit you don't have control over

Anything else you'd add?

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You don't have time to judge others when you are busy fixing your own flaws

You don't have time to get angry at strangers when you are busy investing in your own future

You don't have time to feel anxious when you are busy becoming a resilient, smarter, mentally stronger person

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You can’t change others, you can only change yourself and attract a different kind of people.

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At twenty, you don’t get the life you deserve, you are just the product of the environment you were lucky or unlucky to have.

Then, as you get older, and enter your thirties, forties, and beyond, you notice how much agency you actually had on your life.

Maybe you moved abroad, learned another language, another culture, another mindset, and became an entirely different person.

Maybe you decided you had nothing to lose, and invested all your meager savings into the bet of a lifetime, and it worked out.

Maybe you changed all your habits, and realized that you could be much healthier, smarter, stronger than you thought, if you simply maintain a better diet, a better training, a better sleep, a better routine.

Maybe you fell in love, and realized that a great marriage was about so much more than physical attraction and intellectual compatibility: if you find yourself walking alongside with a kind, thoughtful, honest person who loves you back, you actually won the lottery.

Maybe you met some great people during your journey, shared with them parts of your journey, overcame difficult challenges together, finally understood the real meaning of “friendship,” and that some people are worth trusting and making sacrifices for.

Maybe you also had health issues, lost a few precious people that you loved, understood the fragility of life and the pain that comes with truly loving someone else, but also finally gained enough wisdom to appreciate the simple things in life, that are free and in abundance.

It’s a long journey. The best and the worst things will happen to you. You can choose to act like a victim, or you can choose to respect yourself and be more resilient, mentally stronger, overall better. In the end, you will look back, you will connect the dots, and it will all make sense, that you got exactly what you deserved.

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1. Never stop learning: Like Leonardo da Vinci, who never ceased exploring from art to science, proving that perpetual curiosity can redefine the world.
2. See failure as a beginning: Like Thomas Edison’s numerous failed attempts before perfecting the light bulb, demonstrating that each failure lights the path to success.
3. Teach others what you know: As Socrates taught Plato, sharing wisdom plants the seeds for future generations to flourish.
4. Assume nothing, question everything: Galileo challenged the geocentric model, a stance that invited scrutiny but ultimately revolutionized astronomy.
5. Analyze objectively: Like Marie Curie’s meticulous experiments with radioactivity, which led to groundbreaking discoveries by avoiding assumptions.
6. Practice humility: Abraham Lincoln’s openness to listen to differing opinions, showing that true strength lies in recognizing one’s limitations.
7. Respect constructive criticism: When Winston Churchill accepted feedback during WWII, his adaptability became a cornerstone of his leadership.
8. Love what you do: Michelangelo’s passion for sculpting turned blocks of marble into eternal masterpieces, exemplifying joy in one's work.
9. Give credit where it's due: Like Henry Ford, who recognized his employees’ efforts, fostering loyalty and innovation in his company.
10. Take initiative: Rosa Parks’ decision to remain seated sparked a movement, proving that change begins with individual courage.

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Be realistic: Plan for a miracle.

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What is something that you used to strongly believe but now you no longer believe to be true. Comment below 👇