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🤑10 Rules for Business Success - Steve Jobs

1. Don't live a limited life
2. Have passion
3. Design for yourself
4. Don't sell crap
5. Build a great team
6. Don't do it for money
7. Be proud of your products
8. Build around customers
9. Focus on value
10. Stay hungry, stay foolish

Good luck! 🌹
🤩10 Rules for Success - Jeff Bezos

1. Take bold bets
2. Step ferociously
3. Earn good reputation
4. Take action
5. Find work/life harmony
6. Execute your ideas
7. Have role models
8. Do what you love
9. Be a team player
10. Think long-term

Keep going! 💪🏼
😍10 Tips for a Faster Manifestation😍

1. Use the right manifesting tools.
2. Get clear on what you really want.
3. Declutter every area of your life.
4. Get over your fears.
5. Practice gratitude & generosity.
6. Become a better you.
7. Live in the here and now.
8. Find your why.
9. Stay positive.
10. Be open to receive.

Good luck!🌹
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🤩10 Rules for Life - Elon Musk

1. Never give up
2. Like what you do
3. Don't listen to the 'little men'
4. Take risks
5. Do something important
6. Focus on signal over noise
7. Look for problem-solvers
8. Attract great people
9. Be innovative
10. Work super hard

Good luck! 🌹
🙏🏼10 Ways to Practice Gratitude🙏🏼

1. Be more mindful.
2. See the good in everything.
3. Keep a gratitude journal.
4. Focus on your strengths.
5. Spend time with the people you love.
6. Volunteer and get involved.
7. Do an act of kindness.
8. Give genuine compliments.
9. Make each day count.
10. Express yourself.

Good luck!🌹
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♥️25 Simple Ways to Motivate Yourself♥️

1. Make a deal with yourself
2. Act like it
3. Ask uplifting questions in the morning
4. Move the goalposts
5. Do something small and create a flow
6. Do the toughest task first
7. Start slow
8. Compare yourself with yourself
9.  Remember your successes
10. Act like your heroes
11. Remember to have fun
12. Get out of your comfort zone
13. Don't fear failure
14. Do some research on your goals
15. Follow your purpose
16. Write down your goals
17. Focus on the positive
18. Read more
19. Break things down
20. Reprogram your mind
21. Utilise your creativity
22. Find out what makes you happy
23. Listen while you're on the move
24. Think outside the box
25. Make each day count

Good luck!🌹
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