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Finmantra Gyan - Learning App for Insurance Professionals

Finmantra Gyan is a free app which will help you in Marketing and build your Personal Brand so that you can sell more Financial Products

This app will be extremely useful for your Marketing activities, Learning new Sales Skills, Prospecting and many more

App Features

1) Marketing Posters
2) Festival Greetings
3) Marketing Articles
4) Motivation
5) Sales Ideas
6) Combination Of Plans
7) Marketing Messages
8) LIC Plan Information
9) Circulars & Forms

Build Your Personal Branding
You can add personalize the Posters by adding your Photo, Name, Designation, Custom Messages along with your Email & Phone Number

This will enable you to build your Brand across your Leads & Clients

Share your Contents Easily
You can share your contents/wishes on different Social Media like Facebook/ Linkedin / Whatsapp / Email and many more…

Expand your Marketing Reach and build Powerful Brand for yourself

Constant Content Updation

We are working hard to constantly update the contents of this app so that you need not go anywhere for the information and marketing activities

Download the app from below link

Finmantra is a knowledge hub for Financial Professionals.
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