How Lead Magnet generated 1832 Leads free of cost for Insurance Agents?

How Lead Magnet generated 1832 Leads free of cost for Insurance Agents?

I am sharing you the results of Online Lead Generation experiment we conducted with a closed set of Insurance Agents last year.

The experiment was to provide specially designed content and we asked Insurance Agents to share these content consistently on Social Media

The results were really amazing:

  1. They were able to generate 1832 leads
  2. People listened to them more than ever, when they talked about Insurance
  3. Helped clients to quicken up the decision making and close more sales
  4. Agents were able to build more Contacts in Social Media
  5. Agent’s follower base on Social Media increased by 32%     

Based on the above experiment we are conducting a Free Training on Brand Building and Lead Generation. The 90-minute training will cover various topics like:

  1. Why Social Media?
  2. What type of Content does well for Marketing?
  3. Getting your Online Prospect’s undivided attention
  4. Importance of Testimonials, what kind of Testimonials works well, Testimonial Marketing
  5. Influencer Marketing concepts
  6. Review Sites – a Leadmine
  7. Psychograph your Online Prospect

Training will be conducted at:

COMFSA Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
4th Floor, Kastoori Plaza,
3M-409, 3rd Main Road,
Kasturinagar, Bangalore – 560043
Landmark: Above HDFC Bank

Training will be conducted in batches, for registration & timings fill the form below:

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