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It is quite tempting and sounds easy to become a LIC agent. It is for sure one of the best career opportunity with good remuneration, independence, good training and support with state-of-the-art infrastructure at all of its branches across India. It is true that as you grow your business, your work becomes easier and less demanding.

But that is where the catch is. How do you increase your sales and grow your business? It is a well-known fact that for any kind of sales to happen prospecting is the basic. It is not just enough to meet your customers and make a sale. You need to be able to generate more leads from each customer that you interact with in the form of referrals. You should collect and maintain a good data base of referrals from relatives, friends, colleagues and neighbours.

You can start gathering prospects through cold calling. You can do this by distributing marketing flyers and brochures, collecting data from survey/ quiz forms, putting stalls in public areas like malls and big apartments. Though these are old methods, they are still effective as direct marketing and you can get to understand your customers in person.

However, in today’s mobile age how do you get in touch with your customers? Creating your digital presence is the key to success in today’s fast moving “digital” or “mobile” world. Digital marketing, also as internet marketing, e-marketing, online marketing and web marketing, will help you get in touch with your customers faster and easier.

Using the following online marketing methods you can make customers come to you rather than you reaching out to them.

  • Social media marketing (SMM): You can get potential customers by advertising in social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and WhatsApp and so on where more peer-to-peer sharing happens.
  • Content marketing: Create clever contents that your customers would read which is not just promotional in nature, but instead educates and encourages new sales and leads online. In a way, this is like kind of storytelling. As humans, we have heard and told stories from our childhood days and great stories and storytellers are sure to get our attention.
  • Email marketing: One of the most direct and quickest ways to reach customers is by sending them personalized, attractive and interesting marketing emails.
  • Mobile marketing: This method of marketing involves connecting with customers through SMS, MMS, and various in-app advertisements.

But where to start and how do you do this? You need to first learn about digital marketing and its power to connect with people. In other words, you should know how internet and social media works and create your presence in the Internet. You should have your own attractive and informative website where you can let people know about you, your work and your achievements. You should have a professional Facebook page through which you can keep in touch with your customers and get more leads through them.

It is however not possible for every one to sit and design a website or know the nuisances of having a “professional” Facebook page, especially with the work load that is already there. This is where we need a helping hand.

At Finmantra, we provide simple, easy and effective training on Digital marketing and also assist you in creating your digital presence by having your own website.

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